About Man-Tastic

Welcome to Man-Tastic!

When you realise you’re spending hours, if not days, researching the cheapest price for everything from aftershave to holidays, you question “isn’t there an easier option”?

We’ve all been there. Now there is a simpler option.

Man-Tastic finds the cheapest price for the goods, gifts and gadgets men search for.  We search thousands of deals weekly to find you the latest offers and discount prices.

Affiliate marketing

The website, sourcing of the cheapest prices and staff does cost money so we have to finance the website. We’re transparent about how our website makes money. We never sell your data or allow people to advertise on our website.

We find the cheapest prices for the most sought after items that men want. The sourcing is completed on an independent basis. Once we find the cheapest prices we search for a link (known as an affiliate link). This affiliate link means we get a percentage of the sale when a person purchases from the sellers website. The price is exactly the same regardless if you purchase directly or via a link we publish.

Man-Tastic operates on an honest basis so if there isn’t an affiliate link for the cheapest product we’ll still publish this so you can get the best price.