Every Stag Do Outfit


Any good stag do is a mix of excitement to get away with the lads and anticipation to come back home alive. Life, work and girlfriends/ partners get in the way of spending as much time with your friends, but not for long as there’s a stag do around the corner. You can party as hard as you like without having to text to say “I’m on my way home”.

Sure, you’re going to have to listen to your girlfriend/ partner going on about “being good” but you can handle that. What’s really important is you give the stag a party to remember!

Whether you’re going overseas or down to your local pub, there’s a time honoured tradition to humiliate the stag. The first thing to do is set some ground rules with the stag – these can be fairly loose. For example,

We the stag party promise:

  1. We won’t do anything that will jeopardise the wedding.
  2. We won’t do anything that will affect the photos – a Mike Tyson face tattoo for instance (you know who you are).
  3. We won’t do anything that will affect your work or life back home.

If you’re planning on getting a mate arrested for indecent exposure this could affect points 1 and 3, so you’ll need to get creative. All good stag do’s work within certain rules, I draw the line at body mutilation, but you can set your own rules.

There will always be a place for sheer embarrassment. Nothing is more embarrassing that having to walk through security at the airport dressed as a gimp. I can tell you that yes, security will let you through, excessively pat you down and allow you to board the plane.

So, in anticipation for the impending stag do we’ve found every stag do costume you could possibly think of. Some will be tame, others brutal. You decide what your friend deserves.

Stag Do Outfits

We’ve trawled the internet for every stag do costume. We’ve searched high and low, and you won’t find a better collection anywhere else. Enjoy!

Have a brilliant stag do followed by the inevitable, “let’s not talk to each other for a week or so” as you land back home.

Bum and Willy Shorts
Mankini Swimsuit Thong
Where's Wally?
10 Personalised Face Masks
-67% Bull Rider
£6.49 £19.99
Little Britain Costume
Caveman Costume
Wheel of Misfortune
Blow Up Doll Mask With Wig Sex
Banana Costume
Burger Costume
Cheerleader Costume
Orange Jumpsuit
Dart Board
Whoopie Cushion
Oktoberfest German Outfit
118 118
-56% Studmeister Beer Bottle
£13.17 £29.99
-54% Tequila Bottle Costume
£13.30 £29.00
Mens King of Hearts Fancy Dress Costume
80s Fitness Costume
Mustard Bottle
Green Fairy - Adult
Scouser Shell Suit
Baby Nappy
Gnome Costume
Dickhead Costume
Waitress with fake saggy boobs
Native American Warrior
Brazillan Babs Lifeguard Costume
-23% Captain America Outfit
£15.99 £20.99
Gansta Granny Costume
Greek Roman God
Adult Bumblebee Outfit
Carry Me Outfits
Adult Mens Big Baby Costume
Full body Condom
Octopus Costume
80s Fitness Instructor
Police Stag Do Outfit
Mens Sailor Outfit
Priest/ Vicar Outfit
Chocolate Factory Worker
Flamingo Costume
Poo Emoji
Road Traffic Cone
Airline Pilot Costume
Naked Man Outfit
Trolley Dolly Costume
-18% Ballerina
£23.59 £28.99
Bondage Costume
Nurse Costume
Jamaican Costume
Sperm Costume
-36% Lamb Costume
£25.53 £39.99
Fairyland Princess
Captain Condom Super Hero
Mens Gimp Suit
Drag Queen
Dirty Old Man
Floral Big Baby Costume Outfit
Super Sperm Super Hero
Sexy French Maid Costume
-18% Mr Miss World Costume
£32.72 £39.99
Seagull Outfit
Yoda Outfit
Baywatch Padded Swimsuit
Knob Jockey Costume
Knight To Remember
The Hangover Costume
-11% Teddy Bear
£35.29 £39.99
Oktoberfest/Bavarian Girl
Frank N Furter Drag Costume
Muff Diving Scuba Diver
-8% He Man!
£45.97 £49.99
Pregnant Queen
-28% Mr Blobby Costume
£51.59 £72.20
-14% Ostrich Rider
£59.99 £69.99
Flashing Banana
Inflatable Costume Ballerina
Inflatable Costume Penis
The Middle Finger Costume
Hot Dog
Mystic Fate Ball
Ketchup & Mustard Bottle
Subbuteo Player
Tetris I Shape
Rubber Duck Costume
Bunny Rabbit Costume

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