Top 10 Stag Do Destinations

Finding the ideal stag do location is one of the most important jobs a best man/men will have, but does it need to be within a budget? Is it about activities, drinking or both?

10 Best Stag Do Locations

Whether you’re looking for cheap beer, fun activities, sun or a bit of everything, our list covers all possible options.

  • Prague: The average price for a pint in Prague is £1……no that’s not a typo, it honestly costs £1 per pint (according to The average temperature in the summer is 22 (°C), making it a comfortable enviroment. Prague has excellent pub crawls and central Europe’s largest nightclub, Karlovy Lázně. There’s pubs that let you pour your own pints and pay as you leave – it’s ridiculous. There’s a large student population in Brno, a town close to Prague, which is both cheap and cheerful.
  • Berlin: The average price for a pint is £2.37, making it a little more expensive than other locations, however the countless beer halls and the laid back attitude of the city makes it perfect for a stag do. Berlin has everything from nightclubs to strip dinners.
  • London: By far the most expensive stag do location, with the average pint costing £3.95 and the average hotel costing as much as £232 per night. Although the capital of the UK may be more expensive, it certainly makes up for it in quality. There are countless activities, events and things to do in the city but make sure you take enough money to enjoy it fully.
  • Dublin: On average, the cost of a pint in this Irish tourist hot spot is £4.41, however it’s a fantastic party city and extremely friendly. Take a Guinness tour, play bubble football or try out some go-karting. Nightlife has a bit of everything including, guided pub crawls, casinos, comedy clubs and much more.
  • Newcastle: A huge favourite for stag parties throughout the UK, few places are setup for stag do’s like Newcastle is. Despite being a hot spot for stag do’s, the average price of a pint is only £1.85, making it also a very affordable location. During the day you can take part in the ultimate stag do challenge, while at night you can try the booze bus party.
  • Edinburgh: The capital of Scotland is another favourite destination for stag do’s, but at £3.55 for a pint of beer it won’t be cheap. Whether you want to visit a castle, tour dungeons or enjoy the fringe festival, you won’t struggle to find something to do in Edinburgh. During the day you can take part in clay shooting and at night visit the countless number of night clubs.
  • Ibiza: Nothing will test a man’s decision to commit himself to one women more than a trip to Ibiza. Sun, sea, booze and more beautiful women than you could fill the Grand Canyon with. Not the cheapest location on our list, due too flight and hotel costs, however you can make up for that with cheap alcohol.
  • Amsterdam: The average price for a hotel room is as much as £158, which isn’t too bad, however beer costs £2.38 on average. Amsterdam is completely unique, and not just because they ride bicycles a lot, but because it’s the only stag do destination on our list which will allow your party to enjoy smoking cannabis (if you’re into that sort of thing) or enjoy the red light district. Take a boat ride, practice shooting or visit the Heineken Experience.
  • Barcelona: A famous city which has something for everyone, whether it’s the architecture or the beach. Like most major cities the pints are cheap, averaging £3.39, however the vast amount of activities on offer make up for it. Have a BBQ cruise, take a tour of the Nou Camp or visit the ice bar at night, you’ll never be bored in Barcelona. There are streets off La Rambla offering bottles of Estrella for just over £1.50, you just need to know where to look.
  • Krakow: Thanks to the exchange rate, the average price of a pint in this Polish city is just £1.50, so it won’t take a bank loan to get your stag drunk. It’s not just the cheap alcohol that makes this a favourite destination for stag parties, there’s also AK47 shooting, snowmobiles and bar crawls.

Booking A Stag Do

There are two ways you can book a stag do, either book it has a package deal, with hotels and flight included or get a cheaper deal by booking it separately. If you have a large stag party you can also rent an apartment which often works out cheaper.

Now you’ve got the destination sorted, the next step should be to find the stag do costumes that’ll embarrass the groom to be, prepare the games and let the fun begin.

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